About us

Founded in 2010, Artistic Spaces was an accidental project founded by George and Joe; two Central Saint Martins fine art graduates in need of an affordable artist’s studio in London.

As an artist, the need to be frugal, especially at the beginning of your career, means that you are forced to find ways to make the impossible possible.

George and Joe eventually found a decent sized space in South East London and decided to divide it up into sections, which they shared with other creatives and split the cost between themselves. The way this layout worked seemed solid and allowed them to practice their craft at a fraction of the cost. It also brought together like minded, independent creatives seeking something new, more affordable and refreshingly collaborative.

As their focus eventually shifted from their own practices towards managing these much needed environments, Artistic Spaces took shape as a sound business, they followed their gut and became business partners.

Year-on-year the company has grown steadily to what it is today; fourteen key locations across the capital and growing still. Demand does not seem to be slowing down, with more people than ever looking to start practices and businesses themselves.

Artistic Spaces is proud to be one of the leading affordable space providers in the capital.